Boost Your RTK Base Station!

Connect your RTK Base Station to our NTRIP Server and boost your range up to 30 miles/50km!

How It Works

1. Connect your RTK Base to the Internet

If you have a Trimble base station this is super easy! Just plug an Ethernet cable into the port on the base itself.

For John Deere and others, talk to your local Intuicom dealer about connecting your base station to the Internet using their RTK Bridge modems

2. Configure Base to connect to our Server

If you're tech savvy you can do this yourself, otherwise it's best to get your GPS tech to help you out.

When you sign up to our service, we'll send you the credentials you'll need to point your base station at our cloud NTRIP server 

3. Connect Tractor GPS to our Server

Use either Trimble or Intuiciom modems instead of radios in your equipment to receive your RTK corrections.

Again, when you sign up you'll also receive the credentials you need to enter in the tractor display or modem to connect to your base

4. Farm!

When everything's configured you are good to go. When you power up your tractor GPS will automatically receive RTK corrections from your base station via our server.

One subscription lets you connect as many tractors as you like to your base station, and you'll be able to farm as far as 30 miles from your base station and still get RTK 

No Advanced Networking Required

Works with any home/farm internet connection

You could run your own NTRIP server, but this requires you to have a Static IP address (typically requiring a business internet plan costing $150+ per month), as well as configuring your internet router to allow traffic through the firewall to the server.

By connecting to our server you avoid all of these hassles! You shouldn't need to change anything. All you need is a reliable internet connection.

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